Discussion of key issues regarding quantitative data collection and analysis for this research project


you are required to undertake a research project for a client. Details of your client and

their research question is provided on Brightspace and will also be discussed in class. You are required to

complete the following:

1. Undertake a briefing session in class to:

• Take note of client details and research needs.

• Provide details of your group to your lecturer.

• Obtain your group’s research plan and schedule.

2. Each group will have access to the findings of the entire research project and they must report on the key

findings of the research, using graphs/charts/tables, discussing themes emerging, respondent quotes etc., to

help illustrate their key points where appropriate.

3. Each group is required to analyse the findings of the survey, making reference to literature that will be

provided on Brightspace (Please note you are NOT required to write a literature review, but you must

make reference and compare to the literature in your analysis).

4. Based on their analysis, groups should provide key recommendations and conclusions for the client.

The research report, which is worth 50% of your overall grade, should include the following:

• Research brief, client details and research objectives (1 page approx.)

• Research Report (this should cover all of the areas outlined above as well as including an

executive summary)

• Reference list.

The report will be marked according to the following content:

• Introduction: Brief overview of the research project, research question and objectives and location

(10 marks)

• Executive Summary

(5 marks)

• Discussion of key issues regarding quantitative data collection and analysis for this research project

(10 marks)

• Presentation of primary research findings

(20 marks)

• Interpretation and analysis

(30 marks)

• Conclusions and recommendations

(25 marks)

Total: 100 marks

Consult the course document regarding penalties for late submission.

Word Count: 3,000 words

Client Brief A tourism authority is developing a tourism strategy for Dublin and would like to find out information regarding visitors (domestic and international visitors) to Dublin. The findings of the research will feed directly into the tourism strategy by highlighting key visitor markets and determining their experience of Dublin as a tourist destination. The research will help to suggest ways to develop the tourism product and assist with destination marketing. The research will address the consumption of key tourist attractions and amenities by visitors, assess visitor demographics and analyse tourist behaviour. The research report will provide valuable information towards understanding key visitor markets, their perceptions and satisfactionand assist withdestinationmarketing and promotional efforts. To achieve the above, data will be provided on the following: 1.visitor demographics / visitor profiling2.visitor perceptions of the destination 3.visitor behaviour and experience at the destination

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