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i have to provide reply for following two post for discussion board,

This means I have to post two different reply for those people based on their answer. i must reply my opinion based on their post.

I need two separate opinion about their post. Answer should be look like,

Reply for Person 1…………………

reply for person 2……………

thank you.

Person 1 DB post.

1. What is Agile? What is Agile Project Management?

As per the author, “Agility has become an increasingly popular method used to develop products across multiple domains; however, it is envisioned that a clearer understanding of the term can be attained when it is compared to traditional project management concepts. Agile project management is an approach that is used to design and deliver software. To be exact, the agile approach delivers the software that has the greatest value to the customer. To be agile merely means to be quick. The definition of the word is rather easy to understand; however, quick is a comparative term used to describe the “degree of comparison between similar adjectives” (i.e., good or better).In other words, the word “quick” is appraised by comparing it to other adjectives with similar meaning with a result that has the potential to be highly subjective. The assessment of the word “quick” is relative and is based on individualized perceptions. The best way to describe “quick” as it pertains to agile project management is “quicker than traditional project management methods.” Agility refers to the capability to think and reach conclusions quickly”. (Canty, 2015 )

Person 2 DB post.

A. What is Agile?

Highsmith, J. A. (2010, Pg. 13) “Agility is the ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment”. The author emphasis is the capability to change and design strategies and implement to address the fast-changing business environment and competition. “Agility is the ability to balance flexibility and stability” (Highsmith, J. A. 2010). These days because Coronavirus pandemic is one of the examples for companies to be agile enough to respond to changing business and environmental needs and support bringing balance between supply and demand of the goods and services.

B. What is Agile Project Management?

Agile is actually the approach for the project management which is targeted for early, defined return on investment and delivery of iterative parts of the project. Agile project management also refers to continuous improvement and adaptation for efficient practices throughout the phases and life cycle of the project.

There are five different phases of agile project management which are as follows:

1. Envision: This step refers to vision and to know the project’s objectives and also associated challenges for the team of projects and how the team will move forward together achieving targets.

2. Speculate: Speculates mainly refers to designing and developing the plan to be released for achieving the set vision

3. Explore: This step is to plan and deliver the running tested of hypothesis based on limited or incomplete information and to limit the associated uncertainties for the project.

4. Adapt: This phase is to revisit the achieved targets as well as the present scenario along with the performance of the team for achieving set objectives.

5. Close: This is a concluding phase where a team debrief the key learnings and celebrate the success (Highsmith, J. A., 2010, Pg. 83)

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