Discussion 561

Part 1: The Influence of Dewey

Imagine that you are a seventh-grade science teacher and your class just finished a unit that focused on the structure and function of cells. You finished grading your students’ end-of-the-unit test. Sadly, 50% of your students received a 70% score or below.

  • Search the internet and find a famous quotation from John Dewey that resonates with you. Describe what you would do to address the poor test scores based on this quote and Dewey’s principles. Please be specific.
  • Explain how Dewey’s philosophies will impact your current or future teaching methods.
  • While reading your classmates’ solutions, did you find ideas you did not think of that you might incorporate into your own teaching? Explain your answer.

Part 2

The Role of Public Education

Part one of the Discussion applied a famous quote from John Dewey to a situation, it is your turn to search the internet and find 3 famous quotations about educational philosophy.

Imagine that you have been asked to participate in a round-table discussion to examine the impact that the history and philosophy of education has had on America’s current educational system. As a member of this round-table, you will be asked to give a short response to the following question: What do you believe is the role of public education? Please weave at least one of the quotations that you found into your response.

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