Developing Software to Streamline Operation business and finance homework help

This week, topics covered are  Developing Software to Streamline Operation.  Topic (s) will include Software Development Life Cycle

Minute Papers/Quiz 

Throughout the semester students will write the Minute Paper at the beginning or end of class. The Minute Paperis the single most commonly used classroom assessment technique.This technique allows faculty to assess the match between their instructional goals and students’ perceptions of these goals and their own learning.

 Its major advantage is that it provides rapid feedback on whether the instructor’smain idea, and what the students perceived as the main idea, is the same. 

Students will answer the following three questions in concise, well-planned sentences (each questions must be answered in at least 150 words in APA format, please articulate your explanation and no bullet points):

1. What are the 3-5 most significant (main idea/useful/meaningful/surprising/disturbing) things you have learned during this session 

2. How might you apply what you learned today in your work/project?

Minute Paper/Quiz Rubric



Partially Meets


Demonstrate an understanding of the material presented

Was able to summarize/review 50% of the lecture

Was able to summarize/review 75% of the lecture

100% of lecture goals and objectives were summarized & reviewed

Make & defend judgment based on evidence or personal experience

 Evaluated 50% of material or the lecture presented with no suggestions

 Evaluated 50% of material or the lecture presented with some suggestions

 100% of the material or lecture presented was evaluated with value addition


 Not well organized & structured

 Semi structured

 Well structured & articulated

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