Describe your career goals 15 words The heading for this section is Career Goals business and finance homework help

The purpose of this paper is for you to experience the process of preparing an

academic paper and to think critically about career goals, time management, and study methods. This written assignment asks you to write a paper on the following topic:

My Strategy for College Success include each of the following in your paper:

*A title page

*Describe your career goals(150 words),The heading for this section is Career Goals

––With the article from the Unit V Library Search Exercise:

1.include in this section a brief two or three sentence description about how the article relates to your career interests. ( tutor will have that already)

2.Include a quotation from the article along with the appropriate in-text citation.

3.Remember to place the reference citation (for the article) in APA style on the References page.

4.Include a sentence listing three courses that are both related to your career goals and also from your Degree Advisement Plan. (major- business administration)(degree advisement plan courses- principal macroeconomics, business law, business ethics)

*Describe how you will utilize time-management skills effectively to achieve goals (150 words)

The heading for this section is Time Management Techniques

*Describe your learning style and the study methods that you will use to be successful in college (150 words)The heading for this section is Study Methods for Academic Success

1.Include a paraphrase from your course textbook to support your learning style and studymethods along with an in -text citation (“verbal -linguistic –use highlight features of any e-books to highlight important sections”  (

2.Remember to place the reference citation (for the textbook) in APA style on the

References page. this is info ((chapter 5, page 144, reading strategies for different learning styles, book name: keys to learning strategies for succes, ) this is not correct format so tutor will do it correctly using this info .

ï‚· References page


oOn a separate page, list the references for your paper.

oThe heading, References, should be centered at the top of the page.

oThe reference citations should be formatted according to the type of source. In other words, a book is formatted one way, and an article is formatted another way.

oinclude one inch margins on all sides of the page.

oList the citations in alphabetical order according to the first author’s last name

oApply double – spacing throughout the page.

oEach reference citation should be formatted with a hanging indentation

***The heading for each paper section, Career Goals, Time Management Techniques, and Study Methods for Academic Success, will be a level one heading in the paper. Align each heading to the center of the page and ensure the font is in boldface

*Conclusion summary

  In this section you will summarize your entire paper, stating what you plan to do and how you will do it. It should be about two paragraphs and 150words. Be sure to refer back to what you said in your introduction. Insert a page break so that the next section starts at the top of a new page.

(When you finish your conclusion or summary, insert a page break. This will start the next section on anew page.

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