Describe the leadership role including its responsibilities.

Personal Decision-Making Strategy
For your Portfolio Project, you will encapsulate what you have learned about leadership and about yourself in this course. Before you begin, reflect on all the assignments in this course.
Imagine yourself assuming a leadership role within your current organization, or in the Mann Gulch Disaster (explored in Module 1). Develop a decision-making plan to share with current leaders in the organization or event. Your plan should demonstrate how you could serve as an effective leader within the organization or event. Your plan must include the following components:
• Describe the leadership role, including its responsibilities.
• Provide a breakdown of the decision-making process(es) required. Include at least one diagram to illustrate this.
• Assess additional factors that might affect this leadership role, such as policies, external agencies/organizations, employee motivation, communication strategies, team-building needs, relationship-building needs, and individual differences (emotions, attitudes, values) and training.
• Outline your decision-making approach.
• Hypothesize the implications your plan may have on future organizational problems/challenges/opportunities.
• Use theories from this course to support your plan.
Keep in mind that this decision-making plan should reflect you as an individual and as a leader; it should also synthesize leadership and decision-making knowledge acquired in this course.

• This assignment may be delivered in the form most suitable to your response. You might write a paper . Format options:
• If you choose a written format, your paper should be 10-12 pages in length;

• Regardless of the delivery format, you must incorporate at least four scholarly sources.

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