Define key literary terms writing homework help


Deliverable Length: 250-300 word minimum

Course Objectives:

  • Define key literary terms, such as plot, character, setting, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, and style.


A writer uses characterization to reveal things about the personality of a character. There are five methods a writer uses to show a character’s personality, also known as the “STEAL” method:


What does the character say? How does the character speak?


What is revealed through the character’s private thoughts and feelings?

Effect on Others

What is reveled through the character’s effect on other people? How do other characters feel or behave in reaction to the character?


What does the character do? How does the character behave?


What does the character look like? How does the character dress?

Choose your favorite character from one of the selected readings for this week. Use the STEAL method outlined above to analyze the character you selected in 250-500 words.

Please download and use the chart provided in the “Assignment Materials” area at the bottom of this page to submit your assignment.

Please submit your assignment.

You will be graded on the following:

Grading Criteria

Adherence to deliverable length, proper grammar, and APA format


Defines, provides an example, and explains speech


Defines, provides an example, and explains thoughts


Defines, provides an example, and explains effects on others


Defines, provides an example, and explains actions


Defines, provides an example, and explains look


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