Critically Analyzing Professional Literature on Your Own english assignment help

When reading professional articles, it is important to challenge the article’s validity by considering such questions as: 

  • What errors are there in the reasoning behind the article?
  • Is the author attempting to put forward a particular theoretical view of the world?
  • What kinds of evidence does the author muster in support of this view?
  • How adequate is the evidence?
  • What would you have liked to have seen in the article with respect to arguments or evidence that was not there?

Select a topic in psychology that interests you. Then, visit the Walden University Library research databases and search in the PsycINFO database for an article on the topic you selected. Review the article using a critical thinking perspective.

With these thoughts in mind:

Provide an analysis of the professional journal article you selected in which you apply principles of critical thinking and analyze common errors in logic. Include a citation of the professional journal article you used for the Discussion in APA format.

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