Creating an Approach to Welcome Families Questions

Creating an Approach to Welcome Families Questions

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Part Four: Creating an approach to welcome families


IVA. Read about our commitment to core values and our ethical responsibilities to families as stated in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct (Handout 2)

IVB. Review relevant materials from the text about engaging families, class notes, and/or online modules

IVC. Respond to the three items below. Consider the stories of the families and the description of the relationships of the professionals and families in the program which has been effective in engaging and supporting families when composing your responses. (Final Summary)

How would you use the information from the Sheltering Arms program which highlights positive relationships and supportive interactions as the basis for your work with your children?


Construct an approach to welcome families incorporating two of the NAEYC key elements addressed below.



How would you advocate for approaches to welcome and support families within the settings in your community?


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