concerns about confidentiality psychology homework help

This portion of the workbook has 25 sections, each corresponding to a specific numbered segment of the DVD. Watch the DVD, stopping after each segment as indicated in the workbook and on the DVD.

Answer the assigned questions below


Page 102 #4

Assume you are leading this group and during the check-in several members emphatically stated that they are not getting what they want and they are not sure that they will remain in it.  What would you say?  


Page 104 #2

How would you deal with a member’s concern about confidentiality?  

Page 106 #2

How would you address Joel’s guilt about having taken up too much time and having disclosed too much?


Page 109 #3

Can you think of ways to work with Nadine so that she could get something out of the group, even though her attendance was mandatory?  

Page 113 #1

Would you consider possible cultural messages to be relevant in exploring with Vivian her hesitation to express emotions?  If so, how would you attend to that?  

Page 114 #5

How can you facilitate Toni in establishing trust and safety?  What would you say to her?  

Pag116 #2

Assume you ask Nicole not to withdraw, yet she crosses her arms and curtly says, “I’m not going to say anything more.”  How would you deal with this stance?  Can you think of an intervention that might be helpful to her?

Page 118 #2

As a group leader, how would you react to Nicole if she told you that she wanted you to share more of yourself personally
If she tells you that she is hesitant to opening up and participating until she gets to know more about you, what would you say to her?

Page 120 #3

If Vivian were to tell you that she learns best by observing the process quietly, how would you respond?

Page 121 #7

How would you intervene if other members interpreted 
 quietness as meaning that he is judging them?  What specifically will you say?

Page 125 #1

At the beginning of this session, there was a silence.  Assume the silence 
to continue for some time after you made an opening statement.  What might you be inclined to say or do?  How long would you let the silence go before you intervened?  If members do not respond to the invitation to participate, what would be the next step for you?  

Page 127 #3

If a member of your group 
assuming the role of a co-leader, what direction would you pursue?  

Page 131 #6

What would you most want to teach members about the consequences of not dealing with conflict when it arises in the group? 

Page 132 #12

What is your greatest fear or concern as you think of yourself 
 the leader in this group where conflict is occurring? 

Page 135 #2

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