Concepts of Fundamental Mathematics assignment help

Watch the video below on US Customary and Metric Units and then answer the question below.

Discuss how would you plan to convert the United States to metric?

Concepts of Fundamental Mathematics – HYS – 07-26-16- News: MODULE 6: DISCUSSION

For this week, you are to what a video on US Customary and Metric Units so that you can answer this question: “How would you plan to convert the United States to metric?”

This is question hits home for me because I grew up using the metric system. The conversion process took me several years to adjust. Therefore, it would be very interesting to see your analysis on this.

It is difficult to change at a national level. You will need to discuss how to convert the system at a national, educational and social level. For example, how should the government respond? How do we change all traffic signs, purchasing markets and existing literature? How do we convert the adults and children? You may think about other areas of concerns. Please provide a proposal (i.e. plan) of conversion.

Suggestions to maximize effort:

In your discussion, please be as technical and numerical as possible by offering working examples and real-life scenarios. Please read Chapter 7 very carefully and try to relate as many book values as possible.

In your discussion, please CLEARLY respond to each of the items under discussion. When applicable, Please CLEARLY label each discussion item and/or topic and your response in full. Please provide examples and label the examples if needed (i.e. Example #1, Example #2, and so on) Please be as detailed and as thorough as possible. Minimal of 4-5 paragraphs are required. Each paragraph should have at least 3-4 sentences.

Concepts of Fundamental Mathematics – HYS – 07-26-16- News: MODULE 6: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Here are some optional materials that hopefully can offer some thoughts. You are encouraged to go above and beyond and research other course-related information that may interest you. Please feel free to share your findings with the class during discussion.

Web Tool:

Metric conversion charts and calculators for metric conversions


Why the US hasn’t fully adopted the metric system

Blog Opinions:

What would it take for the United States to convert to the metric system?

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