communication for effective leadership questions will attach book 5 questions

Discuss the differences between content dimension and the relationship dimension of communication

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a competition conflict style?

Analyze the difference and similarities between accommodation and collaboration conflict styles.

Kaitlyn and Thomas are in charge of giving a day-long presentation to possible investors for their new apple juice product. They have disagreements about the order of the presentation as well as which points of it are important to keep and which can be omitted. Classify and differentiate the two different types of conflict regard goals they are experiencing.

Emma and Jorge are partners owning a Laundromat business. They are looking to expand soon but disagree on how to pay for the expansion. Emma believes they should wait to earn enough to pay for the expansion entirely while Jorge thinks they should take out a loan for the full amount today. Provide an example of how they could negotiate to invent options for mutual gains.

no limit on words must just be long enough to be right and articulate

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