Coding project

Page one will include the title ?Coding Project ?, your name, class name, and date of the project, centered on the page.Each topic will have its own page with the topic name at top and center, followed by your 250 to 300 words summary of your research (word count does not include reference ), and the references used for each topic.As you have noticed, guidelines vary for different modalities of coding. ÿOutpatient has a set of guidelines, and Inpatient has their own guidelines. ÿFor each of the following topics I want you to research each one to see if coding differs or if there are specific coding guidelines. ÿÿCompare and contrast coding from inpatient/outpatient coding guidelines.The topics are as followsHome HealthLong-term Acute Care (LTAC)Outpatient RehabilitationInpatient RehabilitationSkilled Nursing Facility (SNF)The last page you will write a summary (100 to 150 words) of what you learned about your research for each topic and state if you would consider working in one of the fields of coding. ÿThis section is worth 5 points for content, spelling and grammar.

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