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1) Write a function that will accept hours worked and return a worker’s pay.  The hourly rate for such pay will be a constant double global variable called DC_MIN_WAGE.  Call the function getRegularPay.

2) Write a function to accept a worker’s hours and pay for a week.  Call the function getFullWeekPay that will return the workers’ pay.  Account for the fact that a worker who works more than 40 hours in a week should be paid time and a half for hours over 40.  The hours and pay rate should be input.  Also, the user should be able to get pay for any number of workers in a do loop until they choose to quit.

3)  Write a function that will retrieve a person’s first name, gender (as a char), and number of dependents.  Output the results in a nice format.  The values must all be retrieved from a single function call from main and the output of the results MUST be done in the main, not the function.

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