Business Process Functional And Structural Modeling

Read the following:

CRC (class-responsibility-collaboration) cards are used to document the responsibilities and collaboration of a class. In some object-oriented systems-development methodologies, CRC cards are seen to be an alternative competitor to the Unified Process employment of uses cases and class diagrams.

Responsibilities of a class can be broken into two separate types: knowing and doing. Knowing are those things that an instance of a class must can know. Doing responsibilities are those things that an instance of a class must can do.

Elements of a CRC Card, a set of CRC cards contain all the information necessary to build a logical structural model of the problem under investigation. CRC card captures and describes the essential elements a class. The front of the card contains the class’s name, ID, type description, associated use cases, responsibilities and collaborators. The name of a class should be a noun (but not a proper noun, such as the name of specific person or thing).

CRC cards can be used in a role-playing exercise that has been shown to be useful in discovering additional objects, attributes, relationships and operations. In addition to walkthroughs, role-playing is very useful in testing the fidelity of the evolving structural model.


Create a CRC card for each of the classes listed: Movie (title, producer, legnth, director, genre), Ticket (price, adult or child, showetime, movie) and Patron (name, adult, or child, age).

Due on or before Tuesday October 24, 2017 no later than 5 pm eastern standard time. No paliagrism!

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