Bus 250 Week 2 Discussion 1 Do Not Change The Price If You Do I Will Not Send A

Required Resources


Hammond, S. C., & Christensen, L. J. (2016). Corporate and social responsibility: Road map for a sustainable future [Electronic version].Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu

  • Chapter 4: Expanding Outward: Local and Global Communities
  • Chapter 7: Equity, Ethics, and the Role of Government in CSR


Alcoa (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. (http://www.alcoa.com/global/en/home.asp)

In one paragraph, supported by evidence in your text and from other research, defend whether you believe there is a connection between ethical leadership and a person’s belief system and/or values. Be specific and provide examples for your classmates to respond to. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.

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