Beethoven 9 – Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Each review will be 400-600 words in length, demonstrate critical thinking, and show evidence of the application of course content and terminology.ÿ The review will focus on and describe the student?s informed opinion in four areas:1. Performers (This should be one of the shortest parts of the review)2. Context (This should also be a short part of the review)3. Music Description / Planes of Listening (This should be the largest part of the review)4. Writers Opinion, including the reviewer?s personal reaction to the concert experience (This should be a substantial part of the review)Concert reviews will utilize complete sentences, proper organization, correct grammar, and accurate spelling. Each concert review is worth 100 points (10 percent of your final grade), so be sure to submit quality work.Please review the content in the Concert Reviews Module for more information about Concert Reviews.Link to video:

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