Baroque style art Art History Essay help

Need a 500+ word essay written on the topic of Baroque art (painting and sculpture). 

Needs clear defined thesis statement.

Needs 2 sources from academic journals and quotes.

You must discuss at least three images in the essay that serve as support for your thesis and analysis. For each image discussed, write a caption stating what it depicts. Images should be placed at the end of your text. Use the Chicago-Turabian style to label your images. 

Carefully explain the work(s) chosen to the reader to serve as the basis for your analysis. Visual analysis can include thinking of line, shape, form, space, texture, value, light, color, time, repetition, variety, rhythm, balance, compositional unity, emphasis, economy, and proportion. Develop visual analysis by looking carefully at a work of art to determine what is important about its form and parts.

All must be cited in Chicago style. 

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