auguring your point on Sultaana Freeman Vs State of Florida English homework help

Write a 2 full pages respond auguring your point on Sultaana Freeman VS State of Florida.

1. Introduction

2. Thesis statement

3. Facts of the case

4. Who is filing a lawsuit?

5. Where are they from?

6. Who is the accuser?

7.Who is been accused?

8. Where is the opposing party from?

9. Who is the opposing party?

10. Summary of the case problems that need to be resolved. 

11.What type of issue has been presented?

12. Which laws are to be presented and why?

13. Present the law and state them word for word

14. Proof from both the plaintiff and defendants.

15. How does the law apply to the case?

16. Who agrees with the plaintiff/defendants?

17. Why do they agree with the plaintiff/defendants?

18. Who disagrees with the plaintiff/defendant?

19. Why do they disagree with the plaintiff/defendants

20. Is the case dined or approved?

21. Circuit Judge sign

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