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The Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory (WPI) was developed during World War I to screen recruits for their risk of developing shell shock (PTSD). However, because it was not finished in time to be useful for its intended purpose, the WPI instead became the dominant self-report personality measure during the 1920-30s, after which it was mostly forgotten. 

Click this link to take the WPI:

Post your results in this discussion forum (just your total, not individual answers).  Then, discuss your evaluation of this instrument’s validity, cross-cultural fairness, and practicality.  Be sure to refer to the summary of how your score compares vs. the average person in the 1930s and today.  Also, refer to specific questions that you feel may not be valid of cross-culturally fair and explain why.  You can click the back button to see the questions again. 

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