Assessing and Interpreting Effect Modification statistics homework help

Assessing and Interpreting Effect Modification

Effect modification, or interaction, is the effect of an exposure on an outcome when modified by the category of a third variable. For example, smoking is associated with the development of lung cancer. Among smokers who have also been exposed to asbestos, however, the risk of lung cancer is higher than among smokers who have not been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos, in this case, is an effect modifier. 

For this Discussion, you identify and explain effect modification in existing epidemiological studies. 

Post a brief description of your assigned epidemiological study. Then describe the effect modifications that were identified in the study results and evaluate whether or not they were multiplicative or additive. Finally, explain whether or not the study’s interpretation of the effect modification is sufficient. Justify your answer using the Learning Resources.

Barnes, B., Chang-Claude, J., Flesch-Janys, D., Kinscherf, R.,   Schmidt, M., Slanger, T., & … Steindorf, K. (2009). Cancer risk factors   associated with insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I and IGF-binding protein-3   levels in healthy women: Effect modification by menopausal   status. Cancer Causes and Control: CCC, 20(10), 1985-1996. Retrieved   from

please the paper must not be short and please more than one resources 

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