Assess the global microeconomic environment accounting homework help

I have attached the rubrics grading sheet for this assignment, will need to ensure that they are all there and ready by Saturday by noon.

ï‚· Assess the global microeconomic environment for determining the driving factors that affect business financial decisions
ï‚· Develop financial models that project the impact of different business scenarios on financial performance and business planning
ï‚· Assess decision alternatives by using time value of money (TVM) and other appropriate financial metrics
ï‚· Evaluate the potential impact of internal and external qualitative factors on business activities for supporting strategic financial decisions
ï‚· Weigh internal and external funding alternatives for carrying out investment decisions
ï‚· Construct persuasive, evidence-based arguments that incorporate legal and ethical behavior and sound financial analysis for soliciting external business funding


Under this section I will need you to make sure that they are all there.

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