argumentative essay on why residents should not have to pay the same as non residents as they pass through a toll in their residential state

I have included the assignment sheet (eng111 Boss 3) and a summary of my proposal (boss 3 battle Strategy) which contains the information for the essay but below are a few of the guidelines and requirements. In my proposal attachment (boss 3 battle Strategy), I have included a few sources that could be used for the essay.

-Propose an identifiable local change and back up that stand with evidence. Include at least three (3) sources correctly cited using MLA guidelines.

-Have at least four (4), but no more than six (6) double-spaced, typed pages using Times or Times New Roman 12-point font and one inch margins.

-Write about a subject that matters to the reader, and help them understand why it matters. Use your sources as support, but your ideas drive the essay.

-Your tone must match the audience, including reaching out to convince them to move closer to your position. You also must show that you can consider counter- arguments and address those issues. Avoid leaving holes in your argument.

-Have a logical structure. Structure has to make sense. Have paragraphs that hold together as paragraphs, with topic sentences and paragraph breaks when the topic changes.

-Your secondary sources must blend into your essay in the appropriate places and ways (i.e. correctly cited and supporting the text/ideas of the point you’re making).

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