Appropriate Reactions course project help

Previously, you began your work on developing appropriate reactions for policy and procedure as well was as for customer service.

Part 1: Appropriate Reactions

You are asked to review the statements below and identify the following:

Policy and Procedure: Determine the appropriate procedure that needs to be adhered to for the safety of the employee, customer and/or patient.

  • Make sure to include why these policies need to be adhered to and why.

Customer Service Approach: Determine the appropriate approach to each statement keeping in mind customer service delivery.

  • Make sure to include if your approach changes due to individual being addressed.

Statements: #1: You are a pharmacy technician at your local level one trauma center. An RN from the Emergency Room runs up to the window and states they need Narcan in an effort to reverse a suspected heroin overdose on a patient. The RN is being very rude and does not understand why you cannot hand over the Narcan and worry about procedure later.

#2: You are a pharmacy technician at your local drug store. Your fellow pharmacy technician has made a medication error. You point this error out to them (making note in your head that there is time to correct error before medication is dispensed) but notice that they ignore you and proceed to cover it up so they do not create more work for themselves.

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