Appealing for Action Using Rhetorical Strategies assignment help

I need 2 or 3 paragraphs on the below topic AND replies to 2 peer posts.

As you prepare to make arguments in your Portfolio Project for a particular position, this is a good time to discuss the credibility of sources.

In this week’s discussion, answer the following:

  1. What specific facts are you required to know, share, and defend in your field? (I work in the IT field)
  2. What sources do you consider most credible when you defend facts and statements to someone who is questioning you about the accuracy of your claims?

Here are some examples: 

  • Secretaries have to create and keep track of schedules and other kinds of information, which they produce on request for clients or supervisors. 
  • Financial workers have to respond to auditors and advise clients about the best investment opportunities.
  • Sales people have to answer questions about products and defend their claims about quality and performance.
  • Tech support people explore facts surrounding each customer’s situation and troubleshoot using the process of elimination.
  • Managers have to know all aspects of a job and ensure production requirements are met by the people under their watch.

Remember to compose a substantive initial post and two response posts.

Peer Post 1:

I am a Director of Case Management in a hospital and am expected to know all current regulatory, conditions of participation rules and regulations.  This requires that I am involved with professional associations in this same field, and that I am intimately up to speed with the newest government / CMS rules.  Case Management guidelines are also inline with commercial insurance rules and regulations, so I am very familiar with and study The Joint Commission guidelines and regulations. There is a group of health and business professionals that run a website and magazine called The Advisory Board.  I have, for instance, just read a blog from a CEO of another organization regarding the bond rating and capital expenditures.  One of the questions that happens a lot in this day, is why are we so strapped as a hospital?  Why can’t we spend money on new printers.  This blog helped me formulate an articulate and educated response. (2016, advisory)

Peer Post 2:

I work as a Lab manager/IT Technician for a research center for media and communication, in higher education.  We are located on the main campus for a local university.   Because we are working in higher education, the central IT is very particular about the security of their network.  Any computer that is going to be working with student information or connected to the network must meet certain criteria.  To make sure their criteria is met they have implemented campus wide regulations and network scanning systems to assure their criteria is being met.  Some of the facts I have to know are the required operating procedures and their purpose.  I have to know these things because some of the security measures do not apply to us, and would cause trouble with the collection of research data.  For example, one of the types of studies we do is eye tracking, while the participant is looking at the selection of images that the researcher has planned, the security warning will override the images and show up on the screen.  This renders the data collected useless because that security warning draws attention from the images the participant was looking at.  I apply for exemptions for these security measures, so I have to know the procedures and why they are there to show how those would hurt our research and why they do not apply to us.  

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