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Intro to Healthcare Management

Importance of social media for healthcare facilities Discussion Prompt Reply to each Peer about their post.

1.Importance of social media for healthcare facilities Discussion Reply 1 Amanda(Reply from peer to my post, they asked me a question):

Great post ! Yes, you are right when you said, ” the healthcare sector needs to use social media to build a positive reputation among the public.” In addition to that, I also believe that by educating the public of what is a reliable source, it would be beneficial for consumers (patient’s) to determine what information they can trust. Do you believe that people are more influenced with negative comments in a social platform such as Facebook and Yelp?

2.Importance of social media for healthcare facilitiesDiscussion Reply 2 Priscilla:

In general, I do believe that social media is important and has a big influence on the success of healthcare facilities because of millions of users throughout the world and how it has help many people by providing useful information. According to the authors in the article, “It is the way people keep in touch with each other very easily, by exchanging information, pictures, experiences, opinions” (Radu, et al., 2018, p. 254). This is the reason why social media has become a valuable tool or strategy in marketing, which can also be extremely useful in healthcare. The increase of social media marketing can help healthcare facilities and doctors to gather information to provide or deliver the best healthcare to patients around the world. Also, social media is easier and more convenient for patients to communicate, access information, and provide information.

If I was a brand new administrator in a small clinic that has no social media marketing strategy, I would convince the board that this is an essential addition to my marketing plan by stating the importance of what social media can do to bring success to our clinic. I would provide the board with a PowerPoint, which states how it has help other healthcare facilities and what they have gained from it. I would provide statistics on the success of other facilities who utilized social media and state how effective it is in building relationships with patients and other health professionals. Overtime, this can lead to more or better satisfaction for everyone, and it will help to improve or maintain the reputation of the clinic. Also, “in healthcare, information and communication technologies make a decisive contribution towards improving competitiveness, increasing efficiency and reducing bureaucracy, thus contributing towards improving the health of the population overall (Radu, et al., 2018, p. 256).


Radu, M., Radu, G., Condurache, A., Purcărea, V. L. (2018). The influence of digital media on the success of a health care unit. Journal of Medicine & Life, 11(3), 254-256. doi:10.25122/jml-2018-0064

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