answer the following questions down below after reading the article attached below the pictures of the article are attached down below

A) A summary of the article. The summary should briefly highlight 2-4 major points of the article, including major conclusions related to the topic or issue covered in the article.

B) Reflection and Critical Analysis: Provide a critical analysis and review of the article and topic covered within the article. Some issues to cover include:

Is the article based on actual research (was a study conducted)?

If so, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the study?

If not, what are the limitations of the author’s conclusions and discussion without scientific evidence to support their views and analysis?

C) What are counter-viewpoints or theories to the authors’ discussion and analysis?

D) Do you agree with the authors’ views / analysis and explain why or why not?

E) How does the article relate to our understanding of men in everyday life?

F) Finally, develop one thought provoking question for the class to respond to based on the summary and critical analysis of the article and its topic.

please refer and cite the article to support your answers.

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