THIS IS A GRADUATE NURSE PRATRITIONER PROGRAM.  REPORT MUST BE OF GRADUATE LEVEL AND STANDARD WITH APPROPRIATE REFERENCE WITHIN 5 YEARS AND 7TH EDITION APA STYLE . MINIMUM OF 350 WORDS WITH AT LEAST 2 PEER REVIEW REFERENCE.You are an AGACNP for a local endocrine specialty group. You see patients daily in the clinic from 0900-1200 and you round in the hospital for endocrine specialty consults from 1300-1600 daily. Please choose one of the following acute care endocrine disorders to address as a consultant.***Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Types II*** PLEASE USE SUB HEADING FOR EACH PART OF THE QUESTIONSummarize the etiology, clinical manifestations, and common presentation of the endocrine disorder you have chosen. Write consultant orders for appropriate diagnostic tests and clinical interventions for both treatment and preventative care.

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