1 200 1 500 words compose a rhetorical analysis of the primary source elie wiesel s quot the perils of indifference quot

sing effective logos appeals yourself, make your own claims for Wiesel’s rhetorical context and Kairos, as well as his appeals to Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in his essay, “Perils of Indifference.”

  • Support your claims with clear and relevant evidence (paraphrases and quotes, which should be correctly attributed and cited).
  • Your reasoning should explain why the evidence you’ve given proves each claim you’ve made:
    • For Wiesel’s Rhetorical Context, what is the occasion and what are the relevant situations (both external and internal to the text); how is any Kairos being used (either in terms of appropriateness with decorum and pertinence, or exigency)?
    • For Wiesel’s appeals to Logos, what is his reasoning?
    • For his appeals to Ethos, how does he show authority, goodwill, common ground, or identity?
    • For his appeals to Pathos, how does he use language, examples, vivid imagery, or scare tactics?

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